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The idea behind this money-making idea is to work as a standard video editor who promises to take raw iPhone footage and turn it into a short, professional video. All the business owners would have to do is capture the raw footage. Everything else is left to the editor to turn it into something beautiful and make it fast.

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Since most jobs are quick and easy, it’s not as challenging to pick up your first few gigs if you price yourself low to start. However, just like Upwork, competition is high and Fiverr is known for offering services at a minimum price (hence the name), so you may not earn the kind of money you want for doing the type of work you excel at. However, as you build up your reputation on the site, you will be able to raise your prices accordingly.
Other expenses include a computer, internet connection, phone to call clients, and investing in business licenses. .

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Awesome list of ideas for teens to make extra money! I wish I had this many options when I was a teen!
If you haven’t already heard, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling company that adopted the subscription box model for updating your wardrobe. Based on a highly-personalized survey, they send you 5 pieces of clothing and accessories once a month that you can try on at home and decide which to keep (and pay for) and which to send back with their pre-paid mailing label.

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One of the largest online craft stores, Etsy is a creative marketplace to find some of the most unique handmade items. There are millions of people on this site every month, so it’s the perfect place to sell your own crafts!

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Which you choose depends on your innate strengths as a proofreader and what you’re hoping to get out of the job. Technical proofreading is harder to break into but typically pays better; general proofreading is more competitive but easier to launch.

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I LOVE your idea about research jobs…not medication studies, but hey…testing products! A friend of mine wants to shave his head. Where would I find these companies? Do they go through a third party?

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    For example, Nielsen Holdings — the large, publicly-traded market research company that’s best-known for publishing TV viewership ratings — will pay you for access to your internet browsing habits with their Nielsen Computer and Mobile app.

    In the new gig economy, freelance work has become more and more common. College students no longer have to flip burgers to bring in some money on a regular basis. If you can string a few coherent sentences together, there are plenty of options for starting a freelance writing side hustle. When you’re just starting out, the jobs will likely pay very little. However, if you’re able to build a quality portfolio and your clients like your work, you should be able to raise your rates and make more money over time. Writing is not the only field that needs freelancers. If you’re able to write code, there are freelance options for creating apps and websites. The first client is the hardest to land, but again, a good reputation can lead to more work and higher pay.
    There are tons of sites online that will either buy your old smartphone outright or let you list your phone for the thousands of people out there not willing to shell out $1000+ for a shiny new iPhone. Check out Buyback Boss, Orchard, Gazelle, or Swappa to make extra money online by selling your smartphone or other electronics.

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    Don’t have fancy design software? No worries! Use Canva, a free and easy-to-use design tool.

    Canva makes it easy to create beautiful graphic designs. You can make money on Canva by creating templates or logos for bloggers and online business owners to use. Sell your work through your blog or on Etsy.
    Build Marketing SoftwareBuild a Hosting BusinessBuild Collaboration SoftwareBuild Project Management SoftwareBuild Freemium SoftwareBuild Niche Software

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    We've worked out that if you did all nine of the tips on this list, you would earn a whopping £982. Mrs Mummy Penny, aka Lynn James, says she has a few ways of earning money on the slyCredit: Lynn James

    You can use their tools to create custom designs or upload your own designs in the Teespring Launcher.
    It seems that only U.S based people are currently eligible for sign-up at the moment, but you will probably find something similar at a site like Clickworker.

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    To expand your reach even further, you could also create a podcast with the same content and make it available for Spotify, Apple, and Android.

    Using Maximiles as an example, they upload new videos every day and you earn points for each one that you view. Watching these quick ads won’t earn you a fortune and might amount to about $250 of vouchers for the year, but getting some money in your Amazon account in the form of a gift voucher, is always a welcome bonus.
    Do you have an underutilized garage, shed, basement, or attic? Are you willing to clean it up? Then you’re a good fit for, a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform that connects folks who need extra storage space with those who have it in spades and aren’t using it.

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Anyone can apply online, the application process takes just 5 minutes. Ask Wonder will determine if you have what it takes to become a researcher via a simple online quiz and trial assessment. Once you’re hired, you’ll go through a crash course to learn the Ask Wonder guidelines and processes, then you can visit the research dashboard to select tasks and get to work finding answers/sources and synthesize your findings.

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Notably, you don’t have to work in a doctor’s office to use your medical knowledge. Healthcare is a large piece of the American economy.

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Got a spare room — or garage, basement, pool house or tent? Travelers will pay you to rest their head just about anywhere.

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While I tried to make the case, which was true, that my strategy would help increase sales over at least the next 2+ years, the owner of the company would only sign on for six months.

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